Illinois OK’d two more recreational marijuana dispensaries. Here’s where they are.

Illinois OK’d two more recreational marijuana dispensaries. Here’s where they are.

Though legal marijuana sales have been underway for a month-and-a-half in Illinois, some medical dispensaries are still waiting for state approval to sell to recreational customers.

On Friday, the wait ended for dispensaries in Addison and Rolling Meadows. Nature’s Care in Rolling Meadows plans to start recreational sales Monday, but it is unclear when they will start at Mindful in Addison.

Mindful co-owner and general manager Kurt Berry said in December that he was delaying recreational sales until the Addison store finished expanding to handle larger crowds. He could not be reached for comment Friday.

So far, 47 stores around the state have received all needed approvals to sell recreational weed, though not all of those have opened their doors to anyone besides medical patients.

The two newest dispensaries will have to contend with a statewide product shortage that some say could last for a year.

To cope, some dispensaries have instituted buying limits, or offer recreational sales only on certain days. The hardest product to find is flower, the dried marijuana buds that can be smoked, which some shops don’t sell at all to recreational customers.

Meanwhile, medical patients have complained that dispensaries aren’t keeping enough product on hand for them, like the law requires. In response, the state has issued warnings to dispensaries, extended medical sales hours and suggested other steps to prioritize medical patients.

Nature’s Care is not anticipating any issues regarding the shortage, said Howard Schacter, spokesman for Acreage Holdings, the New York-based company that owns the dispensary.

“That’s the silver lining benefit of having been a little delayed,” he said.

All of the state’s 55 medical dispensaries were able to apply to also sell recreational weed. They are also allowed to open an additional storefront. So far, two new stores have opened.

Additionally, the state is reviewing applications for 75 new dispensaries. It is set to award licenses for those stores on or before May 1.

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